Shia Foreign Fighters and Regional Security

This series examines the role of Iranian-backed Shia foreign fighters and their potential impact on regional security dynamics.

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Fractured Iraqi Shia Militias in Syria

In the midst of the civil war in Iraq, and as ISIL was threatening the central government in Baghdad, why were Iraqi Shias prioritizing Syria instead of defending Baghdad?

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Four Decades in the Making: Shia Afghan Fatemiyoun Division of the Revolutionary Guards

Iran has provided support to Shia and Sunni Afghan militants for four decades, increasing its presence to fill the power vacuum.

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Using Syria as a Training Ground: The Case of the Pakistani Zeinabiyoun Brigade

The Zeinabiyoun Brigade remains one of the least known and most understudied foreign Shia militias operating in Syria.

Neom Update: Funding the World’s Most Ambitious Project

Nearly a year after Neom's announcement, the futuristic Saudi megacity is still only in the early stages of development. To meet goals of opening fully by 2025, planners must overcome a key challenge: shoring up funding.

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