Visions of Change

AGSIW’s Visions of Change series examines how the Gulf Arab countries are addressing reduced hydrocarbon revenue and responding to pressures to liberalize their economies. This series engages how these efforts are unfolding across the region, by sector and country, to underline the challenges, opportunities, and risks of innovation and economic change.

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Weathering Climate Change in the Gulf

Climate change and environmental degradation are among the most pressing threats facing countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

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Beyond Building: Private Financing, Ownership, and Management of Gulf Infrastructure

In response to fiscal pressures and concerns about the efficiency of project and service implementation, Gulf Arab states are increasingly looking to the private sector to finance and manage infrastructure projects.

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Prioritizing Renewable Energy in a Time of Fiscal Austerity

Surging population growth, large-scale infrastructure investment, and economic development progress have led to increased energy demand in the GCC states.

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Economic Diversification Plans: Challenges and Prospects for Gulf Policymakers

This paper puts the attempts by Gulf Arab states and Iran to launch large-scale development programs into historical and comparative context.

Neom Update: Funding the World’s Most Ambitious Project

Nearly a year after Neom's announcement, the futuristic Saudi megacity is still only in the early stages of development. To meet goals of opening fully by 2025, planners must overcome a key challenge: shoring up funding.

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Through its careful examination of the forces shaping the evolution of Gulf societies and the new generation of emerging leaders, AGSIW facilitates a richer understanding of the role the countries in this key geostrategic region can be expected to play in the 21st century.

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