Aisha Al Abdooli

Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Green Development and Climate Change, Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, United Arab Emirates

Aisha Al Abdooli has over 15 years of experience in fields including green development, sustainable development, and green economy in addition to expertise in developing policies, strategies, and regulatory framework in air quality, climate change adaptation, waste, and chemical management. She is the acting assistant undersecretary for green development and climate change for the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment of the United Arab Emirates. In her role, she is responsible for developing national green development policies and strategies and the regulatory framework for the transformation to a green economy. Al Abdooli has developed policies for the private sector’s contribution to green development and monitoring the transformation of the country toward a green economy. She currently fulfills the role of both director of environmental awareness and education and director of air quality at the ministry. Al Abdooli is responsible for developing national strategies and coordinating the implementation of programs for enhancing environmental awareness and air quality across the country. Al Abdooli holds a master’s in project management from the British University in Dubai and a bachelor’s in chemical engineering from United Arab Emirates University in Al Ain.