Christopher J. Davis

Board Member, AGSIW

Christopher J. Davis is a member of the board of directors of the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington. From 2006-20, Davis was a Raytheon executive leading efforts to develop Raytheon’s international markets and relationships. His most recent Raytheon assignments were president of Raytheon International Inc. from 2017-20 and the country leader/president of RII in the United Arab Emirates beginning in July 2014. As the president of RII, Davis led an organization responsible for the growth of all Raytheon markets outside of the United States. Davis has spent much of his industry and military careers abroad with three years in Japan and more than 14 years in the UAE. Davis is a retired career Marine aviator, and, before joining Raytheon, he had senior assignments working with the U.S. Embassy in Abu Dhabi and the chairman of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce. He has a Bachelor of Science in industrial economics from Union College and a master’s degree in security studies from the Marine Corps University.