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Dubai SkylineChasing Metaphors: The Curious Case of a Dubai Frame

By Yasser Elsheshtawy

Dubai greeted the new year with a picture frame – a really large one. It is located in Zabeel Park, straddling what is referred to in local parlance as “old” Dubai and its “new” counterpart. Over the years, this frame structure has grown in height distinguished by a large void through which both sides of the city can be seen: the gleaming towers of Sheikh Zayed Road from one side, and the low-rising architecture of Bur Dubai and Deira from the other.
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Dubai SkylineThe Looming E-Battle in the Gulf

By Robert Mogielnicki

Discussions between Amazon Web Services and Saudi Arabia to establish a direct presence in the country forecast a broader commercial struggle for control over the e-commerce market in Gulf Cooperation Council countries. While Amazon’s cloud-computing division initially aims to open new data centers in Saudi Arabia, an agreement would likely accelerate the expansion of Amazon warehouses and its third-party marketplace.
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Market Watch
Duqm PortOman’s Investment and Reform Strategy: “Slow and Go”

By Karen E. Young

It is a difficult time in the Gulf to leverage public resources to meet growing demand for jobs, for infrastructure development, and for efforts to build economies less reliant on oil revenue. For officials engaged in seeking external finance, either through debt or foreign direct investment, finding the right partners becomes more difficult given regional political tensions and the urgency to bridge fiscal deficits and continue project pipelines. Oman exemplifies the challenges of generating investment and infrastructure growth with diminishing fiscal resources.
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AGSIW in Arabic

عدم وجود سياسية أمريكية واضحة تجاه النزاعات في سوريا خلال عهد الرئيس السابق باراك أوباما، والمواقف المتناقضة التي تعتمدها حاليا إدارة الرئيس دونالد ترامب تجاه الأطراف المتقاتلة في سوريا، وتجاه النزاعات الأخرى في المنطقة، تفسر إلى حد كبير المعضلة التي تواجهها واشنطن في سوريا، لأن هذا النزاع هو الذي سيقرر كيفية تعامل إدارة الرئيس ترامب في السنوات المقبلة ليس فقط مع سوريا بل أيضا مع تركيا وإيران وروسيا والأكراد

In addition to original content, in Arabic is regularly updated with new Arabic translations of AGSIW's analysis. Recent translations include:
Mohammed bin Salman The Rise of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Reveals a Harsh Truth

By Bernard Haykel

Many journalistic accounts of Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, Prince Mohammed bin Salman (often referred to as MBS), depict him as power-hungry and corrupt, and cite these two impulses for his behavior and policies. When King Salman designated MBS as his heir in June 2017, MBS effectively became the most powerful man in the kingdom. And despite ill-advised purchases (including a yacht and a French chateau, which have cemented the impression of the crown prince’s greed), power consolidation and money alone cannot explain recent developments.
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In the Media
Stephen SecheExecutive Vice President Stephen A. Seche commented on the Yemen conflict for VOA’s Encounter.

Speaking with The Washington Post, Senior Resident Scholar Karen E. Young commented on the release of Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who was previously arrested by Saudi authorities. Speaking with Bloomberg, Senior Resident Scholar Kristin Smith Diwan commented on the opinion of Saudi youth on Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's reform agenda.

Speaking with National Geographic, Visiting Scholar Yasser Elsheshtawy commented on urban development in the Gulf.
Hussein IbishSenior Resident Scholar Hussein Ibish spoke on a panel at Fordham University about the role of Gulf Arab countries in resolving long-standing Middle East conflicts such as the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Senior Resident Scholar Kristin Smith Diwan presented a paper on the youth challenge to Islamism in Saudi Arabia at the Annual Workshop on Islamist Politics, hosted by the Project on Middle East Political Science at the George Washington University.
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Visiting Scholars

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Period: Fall 2018
Location: Washington, DC

About the Candidate: Visiting scholars are individuals who possess a PhD or equivalent professional experience, and whose primary purpose for residence at AGSIW is to conduct independent research. The length of stay for a visiting scholar is typically a semester or academic year. AGSIW is actively seeking candidates with significant regional experience and fluency in written and spoken Arabic.
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