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Yemen Youth Activism Bringing Yemen Back from the Brink: What Role for Youth Activism?

DATE Tuesday February 20, 2018
TIME 12:30 - 2:00 pm
SPEAKERS Fatima Abo Alasrar, Waleed Alhariri, Awssan Kamal
MODERATOR Stephen A. Seche
Donald Trump The Regional Implications of Trump’s Iran Policies

DATE Thursday February 22, 2018
TIME 12:30 - 2:00 pm
SPEAKERS Ali Alfoneh, Paul Salem, Susan L. Ziadeh
MODERATOR Hussein Ibish
Saudi Arabia, China Gulf Rising: GCC-East Asia Relations

DATE Wednesday February 28, 2018
TIME 12:30 - 2:00 pm
SPEAKERS Chas W. Freeman, Haihong Gao, Mohammed Al-Sudairi, Bingbing Wu
MODERATOR Hussein Ibish
The Bridge blog
SyriaFor Many Players the Focus in Syria Shifts from ISIL to Iran

By Hussein Ibish

One year after a crucial turning point in the war in Syria – the fall of rebel-held parts of Aleppo to pro-regime forces – the once closely linked and relatively coherent struggle inside the country has fragmented into a series of intense, but highly localized, battles that, at first glance, appear only loosely connected: a dramatic flare-up in the south of Syria pitting Israel against Syrian government and Iranian forces; a bitter battle between Turks and Kurds in the north, also involving a tense standoff between fellow NATO members Washington and Ankara; and a horrifying series of attacks by the Assad regime, both in the far-flung north and Damascus’ own suburbs, with hundreds of civilians killed in a few days.
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Sheikh Jaber Mubarak al-Hamad al-SabahKuwait’s Government Unlikely to Ease Austerity Despite Opposition Pressure

By Scott Weiner

Since the opening of the Kuwaiti Parliament’s current session on December 19, 2017 opposition members of parliament have moved aggressively to stymie the government’s austerity agenda. These efforts appear to have raised serious concerns within Kuwait’s government. While it has implemented austerity measures, the extent of opposition hampers government attempts to allay public concern over Kuwait’s long-term prosperity. 
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Market Watch
Rex TillersonPayment Delayed: The Economic Risk of Gulf Contracting Practices

By Karen E. Young

If you are in the construction business and a Gulf government is your client, be sure to be paid in advance.The collapse of a major international construction and contracting firm, with many projects in the Gulf Arab states, has rattled the industry. Carillion, the British construction firm, failed to secure financing to continue its operations. Like the Bin Laden Group and Saudi Oger, Carillion has proved that the construction of megaprojects in the Gulf, however lucrative and central to state-led development plans, is full of pitfalls.
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AGSIW in Arabic

المواجهة العسكرية الأخيرة بين قوات التحالف الدولي الذي تقوده الولايات المتحدة وقوات موالية للنظام السوري حاولت التقدم ضد موقع لقوات سوريا الديمقراطية المتحالفة مع الولايات المتحدة شرق نهر الفرات، وأدت إلى مقتل أكثر من 100 عنصر من القوات المهاجمة، كانت متوقعة وحتى حتمية، لأنها تعكس السياسة الثابتة لنظام الأسد وحليفيه الرئيسيين إيران وروسيا، أي استعادة السيطرة على أكبر قدر ممكن من الأراضي السورية التي وقعت تحت سيطرة القوى المعادية للنظام في دمشق خلال السنوات السبع الماضية.

In addition to original content, in Arabic is regularly updated with new Arabic translations of AGSIW's analysis. Recent translations include:
In the Media
Marcelle WahbaSpeaking with Arab News, Ambassador Marcelle M. Wahba, AGSIW president, discussed the escalating regional tensions surrounding Iran’s increasing involvement in the conflict in Syria. Speaking with Axios, Senior Resident Scholar Hussein Ibish commented on U.S. airstrikes against pro-regime forces in Syria.

Speaking with brand eins, Senior Resident Scholar Karen E. Young discussed women’s labor force participation in the Gulf Arab states.

Speaking with Bloomberg, Senior Resident Scholar Kristin Smith Diwan commented on an alleged increase in stipends to members of the Saudi royal family.
Young at SAMELFSenior Resident Scholar Karen E. Young moderated the panel "Vision 2030: Reforms and Transparency" at the Saudi Arabia Middle East Legal Forum, sponsored by Georgetown University Law Center.
Audio/Visual Specialist

Department/Team: Publications and Digital Media
Hours: Part Time (20+ hours/week, no benefits)
Location: Washington, DC

Job Summary: This position is responsible for supporting the Publications and Digital Media team by contributing to the development and production of engaging, innovative, and high-quality audio, video, and graphic content. 

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Visiting Scholars

Department/Team: Senior Resident Scholars
Period: Fall 2018
Location: Washington, DC

About the Candidate: Visiting scholars are individuals who possess a PhD or equivalent professional experience, and whose primary purpose for residence at AGSIW is to conduct independent research. The length of stay for a visiting scholar is typically a semester or academic year. AGSIW is actively seeking candidates with significant regional experience and fluency in written and spoken Arabic. 
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Position Title: Program and Digital Media Intern 
Period: May 
August 2018
Location: Washington, DC

Job Summary: The Internship Program at the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington provides talented students and recent graduates with a three-month (or longer) training opportunity designed to encourage professional and personal development. We encourage out-of-the-box thinking and value fresh perspectives. Interns will receive a monthly stipend. 
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