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January 4, 2021
Oman's newly sworn-in Sultan Haitham bin Tariq al-Said receives condolences during the funeral of the late Sultan Qaboos bin Said in Muscat, Oman January 11, 2020. (REUTERS/Sultan Al Hasani)
REUTERS/Sultan Al Hasani
Upcoming Events
Oman One Year On
Tuesday January 12 | 10:00 - 11:30 am EST

On January 12, AGSIW will host a panel with Fatma al-Arimi, Turki bin Ali al-Balushi, and Ambassador Marc J. Sievers analyzing the challenges facing, and the strategic responses of, Oman's new sultan. Kristin Smith Diwan will moderate the discussion.
The Outlook for U.S. Foreign Policy Under the Biden Administration
Wednesday January 13 | 9:00 - 10:00 am EST

AGSIW will host a session with Tim Lenderking and Mina Al-Oraibi as part of Gulf Intelligence’s Global UAE Energy Forum 2021: “Outlook on the Year Ahead.” Ambassador Douglas A. Silliman will moderate the discussion.
A man films waves crashing onto the rocky shore in al-Maghseel, Oman, July 30, 2017.  (AP Photo/Sam McNeil)
AP Photo/Sam McNeil
Popular Omani Novel Joins Others Exploring Gulf States’ Shift to Modernity
 Afshin Molavi |
اقرأ بالعربية

In the year that saw the passing of Sultan Qaboos bin Said, an award-winning Omani novel catches fire in book clubs as it explores the tensions and hopes beneath the surface of the extraordinary changes that the sultan brought to the country.
Beijing Signals Growing Interest in Regional Conflict Management
 Narayanappa Janardhan |
اقرأ بالعربية

China seeks to promote a harmonious relationship among its strategic partners in the Gulf in support of its economic interests.
Sovereign Data: The Development and Marketing of Bahrain’s Digital Domain
 Robert Mogielnicki

Gulf Arab states like Bahrain cannot preserve the traditional form of their economies indefinitely, but they can influence how their new digital future will unfold.
Strategic Interests Drive Gulf Policy Toward Syria
 Sima Aldardari

Many Gulf states have shifted course on Syria, prioritizing concerns over growing Iranian and Turkish influence.
AGSIW in Arabic
  في العام الذي ارتحل فيه السلطان قابوس بن سعيد، أثارت رواية عُمانية، حاصلة على جوائز، اهتمامات نوادي الكتاب لكونها تستعرض التوترات والآمال تحت سطح التغيرات الاستثنائية التي حققها السلطان في البلاد
  تسعى الصين إلى بناء علاقة متناغمة بين حلفائها الاستراتيجيين في الخليج للحفاظ على مصالحها الاقتصادية
In the Media
  • Al Hurra: In an interview, Ambassador Douglas A. Silliman considered foreign policy challenges facing the administration of President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. in 2021.
  • Al Arabiya: In an interview, Hussein Ibish discussed the upcoming Gulf Cooperation Council summit.
  • The Media Line: Robert Mogielnicki considered the potential for a resolution to the Saudi- and UAE-led boycott of Qatar.
  • The Hill: Ibish discussed U.S.-Saudi relations and efforts to resolve the Qatar dispute.
  • Le Monde: Ibish addressed UAE-Israel relations and the potential for Saudi Arabia to normalize relations with Israel.
  • The National: Ali Alfoneh commented on the leadership of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Quds Force after the January 2020 killing of Major General Qassim Suleimani. He additionally discussed the Quds Force leadership on Iran International TV.
  • L’Orient Le Jour: Alfoneh considered the Iran policy of the Biden administration and discussed tensions with the United States. Ibish also commented on Biden’s Iran policy for South China Morning Post.
  • The Media Line: Ibish commented on the future of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in light of increased UAE-Israel ties. He additionally discussed this with L’Orient Le Jour.
  • Israel Policy Forum podcast: Ibish discussed Gulf-Palestinian relations since the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain agreed to normalize relations with Israel.
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