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DATE: Thursday February 7
TIME: 12:30 – 2:00 pm
SPEAKERS: Ali Alfoneh, Bahman Baktiari, Mehdi Khalaji, Suzanne Maloney
MODERATOR: Yara Bayoumy
Event Report
This report is based on the presentations and discussions during the UAE Security Forum 2018, “Yemen after the War: Addressing the Challenges of Peace and Reconstruction,” held on December 9, 2018 in Abu Dhabi.
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Watch opening remarks by Ambassador Marcelle M. Wahba, AGSIW president, as well as the three sessions on:
The Bridge blog
As Saudi Arabia moves toward more centralized authority over national security and intelligence functions, will these measures serve to check or further empower the crown prince?
Millennial Gulf

By Marwa Fakih

AGSIW spoke with al-Moatasem al-Mamari, a physician engaged with youth and media, about the development of youth movements in Oman as well as their cultural impact and government interaction with them.
AGSIW in Arabic
الأوضاع المعقدة في واشنطن منفتحة على نهايات صعبة مع استمرار الإغلاق الحكومي، وتصاعد ضغط الكونغرس والإعلام على ترامب إثر اتهامات بالعمالة لروسيا

In addition to original content, in Arabic is regularly updated with new Arabic translations of AGSIW's analysis. Recent translations include:
While avoiding a direct comparison with the 1979 revolution, Iran’s former Labor Minister Ali Rabiee argues that the root causes of the 2017-18 protests are domestic in nature, a departure from past unrest caused by external influences.
Visiting Scholar

Position Title: Visiting Scholar
Period: Spring 2019

Location: Washington, DC

Job Summary: Visiting scholars are individuals who possess a PhD or equivalent professional experience. The length of stay for a visiting scholar is typically a semester or academic year. AGSIW is actively seeking candidates with significant regional experience and fluency in written and spoken Arabic. AGSIW will provide a stipend that can be used to cover living expenses, travel costs, or incidental research expenses.
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