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DATE: Thursday February 21
TIME: 2:00 – 3:30 pm
SPEAKER: Sean Foley
MODERATOR: Kristin Smith Diwan
The political dynamics during the transitions in Iran in 1979 and 1989 reveal a number of similar features that will play into who will succeed Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei; what is new is the role the IRGC is playing in the factional power struggle.
The Bridge
Pope Francis' historic visit to the UAE, the first by the head of the Roman Catholic Church to the Arabian Peninsula, represents the most high-profile of a series of initiatives positioning the UAE as a champion of interfaith dialogue, moderation, and pluralism.
Millennial Gulf
Podcasting culture is rapidly spreading across the Gulf. Though it still has a long way to go before catching on with the masses, it offers opportunities for growth and lucrative business prospects.
AGSIW in Arabic

خطاب ترامب أمام الكونغرس عكس رغبته في إنهاء حروب شرق أوسطية طويلة، والانسحاب من مناطق مشتعلة، فهل تقود هذه السياسات إلى السلام، أم إلى تفاقم هذه الحروب، واندلاع أخرى جديدة؟
اطلع على المزيد
In addition to original content, in Arabic is regularly updated with new Arabic translations of AGSIW's analysis. Recent translations include:
Past Event
As the Islamic Republic commemorates the 40th anniversary of the 1979 revolution, the Iranian regime is facing considerable internal and external challenges.
This article by Suzanne DiMaggio and AGSIW Board Member Ambassador Thomas Pickering appeared in NY Daily News

President Trump withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal in May 2018 and reimposed sanctions against Iran several months later, opening up a range of negative consequences for U.S. national interests.
By Hussein Ibish via Bloomberg

Iran has represented many things to many people during its 40 years of Islamic revolution. To the Arab world that surrounds it today, it’s both a danger and an excuse.
By Ali Alfoneh via The Arab Weekly

As Syria begins postwar reconstruction, regional powers are trying to get a share of projects that secure what they covet most.
In the Media
Kristin Smith DiwanSenior Resident Scholar Kristin Smith Diwan discussed the potential of and barriers to tourism in Saudi Arabia for The Independent.
HR & Office Administrator

Period: Full Time
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Job Summary: The HR & Office Administrator serves in a dual role involving the full spectrum of both human resource management and office management responsibilities in support of the institute’s overall mission and objectives. The position is responsible for performing HR-related duties in the functional areas of benefit administration, employee relations, recruitment, onboarding, policy implementation, and employment-law compliance. The position is also responsible for administrative duties, IT management, vendor management, and facilities management.
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Program and Digital Media Intern

Period: Summer 2019
Location: Washington, DC
Deadline to Apply: March 1

Job Summary: The Internship Program at the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington provides talented students and recent graduates with a semester-long training opportunity designed to encourage professional and personal development. We encourage out-of-the-box thinking and value fresh perspectives. Interns will receive a monthly stipend.
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