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July 27, 2020
Jason Lee/Pool Photo via AP
Oman’s Bittersweet Economic Relations With China
 Robert Mogielnicki 
اقرأ بالعربية

Oman’s precarious reliance on energy exports to China and insufficient Chinese investment in non-oil segments of the Omani economy leave the sultanate in a weak position to address urgent economic challenges.
Women’s Nabati Poetry Captures Hearts
 Mohammad J. Al Yousef via
 Millennial Gulf

Inspired by love, longing, and the desert environment, female poets have long contributed to Nabati poetry. Now, women are breaking norms, refuting the notion that women and men are on different levels in poetry.
How China Is Quietly Expanding Its Economic Influence in the Gulf
 Robert Mogielnicki via
 World Politics Review

The coronavirus pandemic and oil price rout have provided China the opportunity to expand its dimensions of economic influence in the Gulf.
Covid-19, Diversification and the Future of Food Security in the Gulf
 Emma Soubrier 
via Italian Institute for International Political Studies

The pandemic is forcing a reprioritization of people-centered challenges that Gulf leaders seem to be willing and ready to undertake.
A Lebanese Consensus on Debt Can’t Wait Any Longer
 Hussein Ibish via

Until the leaders in Beirut agree on what ails their economy, they can’t begin to fix it.
AGSIW in Arabic
  إن اعتماد عُمان المتزايد على صادرات الطاقة إلى الصين، وقلة الاستثمارات الصينية في القطاعات غير النفطية من الاقتصاد العُماني يضعفان من وضع السلطنة في مواجهة التحديات الاقتصادية الملحة
  لسنوات قادمة، سيكون للاندفاع نحو الاعتماد على الغاز تبعات على النماذج الاقتصادية ونماذج الطاقة للدول البترولية في المنطقة، خاصة مع تزايد الضغوط البيئية داخل المنطقة وخارجها
AP Photo/Amr Nabil
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The Future Direction of Social Reforms in Saudi Arabia
Tuesday August 11 | 12:00 - 1:30 pm EDT

On August 11, AGSIW will partner with the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies to host a virtual panel discussion with Ghadah Alharthi, Hanaa Almoaibed, Ahmed Alowfi, Kristin Smith Diwan, and Mark C. Thompson examining social reform programs in Saudi Arabia.
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Toward a Green Recovery in the Gulf States

On July 23, AGSIW hosted a virtual panel discussion with Aisha Al-Sarihi, Mari Luomi, Grzegorz Peszko, and Samantha Gross examining climate-related challenges to Gulf economic revival plans amid the pandemic.
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