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Market Watch
GCC Sovereign Debt in a Low Yield World

By Karen E. Young

There is talk of a Japanese contagion in global capital markets. Investors and bankers are referring to the low and slow growth that has characterized the Japanese economy for over two decades. Low to flat, or even negative interest rates, have made borrowing cheap, but low growth rates mean that few businesses take advantage of the opportunity to borrow and expand. Likewise, inflation is low; the effect is stagnation.
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Millennial Gulf

By Mark C. Thompson

Since Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) unveiled Vision 2030 in April a great deal of analysis has focused on the potential impact of the plan at the national level. Saudi youth are a natural constituency for the MbS-led transformation program, and not surprisingly, there have been concerted efforts to reach out to them. But how has Vision 2030 been interpreted by young educated male Saudis, many of whom are struggling to enter the labor market at a time of economic uncertainty?
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The Bridge blog
يقترب السباق إلى البيت الأبيض من أهم محطاته: المؤتمر العام لكل من الحزبين الجمهوري و الديموقراطي، لاختيار المرشح الرسمي للحزب و الذي يتحول على مدى أربعة أيام إلى طقس سياسي أمريكي فريد من نوعه هو مزيج من المهرجان السياسي الجدي لتعبئة القاعدة و زيادة حماسها لمرشح الحزب، و كرنفال لآلاف البالونات الملونة، و الخطب الرنانة و الموسيقى الصاخبة التي يحتفل على خلفيتها كل حزب بنفسه و بإنجازاته و بتفوقه على الحزب الآخر. و يفترض بالمؤتمر، الذي يراقبه الملايين، أن يوحد أجنحة و تيارات الحزب للوقوف وراء المرشح و برنامجه، و أن يوفر المنبر الوطني للوجوه و القيادات الشابة في الحزب
اطلع على المزيد
Failed Coup Will Hand More Power to Erdogan, Not Less

By Hussein Ibish

On Friday night, the world watched the collapse of what seems an exceptionally ill-conceived and poorly planned coup attempt in Turkey. While much remains undecided, several things are already clear. The coup has failed. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s president, who returned to Istanbul Ataturk airport in the midst of the attempted takeover, will emerge enormously strengthened, at least in the short run. And no good will come of the entire affair for either Turkey or its neighbours.
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Lone Wolves: When is an ISIS Militant Actually an ISIS Militant?

By Sigurd Neabauer

Days after Tunisian-born truck driver Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel killed at least 84 people celebrating Bastille Day in Nice last Thursday, French PM Manuel Valls confirmed that the authorities now know that the killer underwent a “fast radicalization.”
While adding that “terrorism will be part of our daily lives for a long time,” Valls provided few additional details about any possible linkages between Bouhlel and ISIS, although the group eagerly claimed the extremist as one of its “lions.”
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Past Events
Vision 2030: A New Look for Saudi Arabia?
On April 25, the Saudi government presented Vision 2030, a sweeping plan for moving the kingdom beyond oil dependence. The plan proposes a broad socioeconomic transformation that would open new avenues of participation in the economy and public life, including the development of cultural resources and tourism. As part of its extensive coverage of Saudi Vision 2030, AGSIW hosted a panel discussion examining the socioeconomic and political dimensions of the vision, the conditions that led to its introduction, and the implications of its implementation.
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In the Media
AGSIW Senior Resident Scholar Hussein Ibish appeared on Al Hurra's "Free Hour." He debated Arab, Russian, and U.S. policies in Syria and recent developments in the Syrian conflict with Syrian politician Mahmoud Othman, Russian analyst Yefgeny Sedorof, and host Hussein Jradi.

Additionally, speaking with Middle East Eye, Ibish discussed relations between Russia and the Gulf states stating that they are "generally getting closer." He noted that, “The Saudis have recognised that it is essential to get Moscow to willingly accept, and ultimately support, a post-Assad future in Syria.”

AGSIW Non-Resident Fellow Sigurd Neubauer spoke with Al Jazeera about the ISIL or ISIS claim of responsibility for the June 14 attack in Nice, France. Naubauer said we are seeing a new trend with social media in extremism where in it "takes very little to claim allegiance to ISIS or other extremist groups..." so that "these people are increasingly self-identifying with ISIS..."
Associate – Cultural Programs

Position Title: Associate – Cultural Programs
Department/Team: Programs and Communication
Period: Part Time (25 hours/week, no benefits)
Location: Washington, DC 

Job Summary: The cultural associate will be responsible for proposing and implementing cultural programming at AGSIW, such as panel discussions, film screenings, art exhibitions, and music performances. The associate will monitor the arts and culture scene in the GCC countries and help shape the direction of AGSIW cultural programming. The associate will provide administrative, communication, and logistical support to the programs team to plan and execute cultural programming.
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Research Associate

Position Title: Research Associate
Department/Team: Senior Resident Scholars
Period: Part Time (20-25 hours/week, no benefits)
Location: Washington, DC 

Job Summary: Provide research assistance and administrative support to senior resident scholars at the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington. At the direction of the scholars, conduct research on Gulf politics, foreign policy, culture, economics, and U.S. policy toward the region. Monitor contemporary developments in the Gulf states and in U.S. policy, including reviews of regional media and foreign language sources. Contribute analytical essays, bibliographies, and summaries on relevant topics.
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Position Title: Research and Program Intern
Department/Team: Programs and Communication
Period: September through December 2016
Location: Washington, DC 

Job Summary: The Internship Program at the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington (AGSIW) provides talented students and recent graduates with a three-month (or longer) unpaid training opportunity designed to encourage professional and personal development. As a newly established organization, we encourage out-of-the-box thinking and value fresh perspectives. AGSIW will provide interns with a transportation stipend for the duration of the internship.

The deadline to apply for the fall 2016 internship is August 15.
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