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The heightened interest in cryptocurrencies across the Gulf is taking place alongside global efforts to both regulate digital assets and attract cryptocurrency firms.
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يعالج هذا البحث الخصائص التي تميّز الأعمال العدوانية غير المتكافئة، ولا سيما اختلال التوازن الذي ينجم عن اختلاف الأهداف الأمنية بين الهيمنة أو الزعزعة
Despite claims of the Reconstruction Organization being a nongovernmental organization, there are many indications that it is a governmental entity.
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Kristin Smith DiwanSpeaking with Time, Senior Resident Scholar Kristin Smith Diwan and Non-Resident Fellow Eman Alhussein discussed women's rights campaigns in Saudi Arabia and their impact on shifts in government policies.

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