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         Monday September 19, 2016 
         5:00 - 6:30 pm

SPEAKERS Kate Dourian, F. Gregory Gause, III, Monica Malik
MODERATOR Karen E. Young

Reception to follow.

For a preview of today's panel, read our scene setter by Diane Munro.
The international oil market has undergone a paradigm shift since the advent of cutting-edge technology used in the development of nonconventional shale oil in the United States. The game-changing technology that holds the potential to increase both oil and gas supplies has effectively altered the industry’s trajectory from one of ever rising oil prices and growing supply scarcity to one more driven by advanced technology that will expand global supplies much further into the future.
The Bridge blog

The recent adoption by overwhelming majorities in both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) is a grave threat – not only to U.S. relations with Saudi Arabia, which is the primary target of the legislation – but also for conducting U.S. foreign policy generally and, potentially, to the effectiveness, safety, and security of U.S. officials around the world.
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In a week filled with news stories on the mounting theological-political spat between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the intra-Sunni geopolitical rivalry is heating up as well. An obscure conference of Islamic preachers and officials in the far-flung Chechen capital, Grozny, has ignited a firestorm among Sunni Islamic officials and activists in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf.
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By Walid Khadduri and Diane Munro

Expectations that a much anticipated rebalancing of oversupplied oil markets would take hold in the third quarter of 2016 have been dashed after the International Energy Agency sharply revised its earlier projections in its latest monthly report. The IEA’s September Oil Market Report forecasts that the unprecedented supply glut weighing on oil prices for the past two years will continue beyond the first half of 2017 due to surging OPEC production, non-OPEC supplies more resilient than previously expected, and slower global demand growth. 

AGSIW is pleased to announce that Walid Khadduri has joined the institute as a non-resident fellow. He will be contributing regularly to our series on energy.
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AGSIW in Arabic

استأنفت المرشحة الديموقراطية لمنصب الرئاسة هيلاري كلينتون نشاطها الانتخابي بعد استراحة لثلاثة أيام فرضها المرض، لتجد أن الاسبوع المنصرم، كان الاسوأ لها منذ أن بدأت سباقها المضني إلى البيت الأبيض، حيث ردم منافسها الجمهوري دونالد ترامب الهوة التي كانت تفصلهما لمصلحتها في الاسابيع الماضية واقترب من التعادل معها في استطلاعات الرأي التي أجريت على المستوى الوطني، بينما تفوق عليها في بعض الولايات التي ستحسم السباق مثل أوهايو وفلوريدا
اطلع على المزيد

By Jim Walsh and Ambassador Frank G. Wisner

Americans will elect a new president in November. That president will face many challenges, none more dangerous than the chaos in the Middle East. Experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan have taught us we cannot manage the region’s crises without partners or by military means alone.
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Our new president will face many tough challenges in devising a strategy to assure America’s future security. But the president who takes office Jan. 20 will be the first since 1979 who will not have to devise immediately a strategy to prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon.
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In the Media
Speaking with Al Arabiya, AGSIW President Ambassador Marcelle M. Wahba discussed the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act and its impact on U.S. relations with Saudi Arabia.

AGSIW Research Associate Yerevan Saeed was quoted in the Wilson Center publication, "From Tribe to Nation: Iraqi Kurdistan on the Cusp of Statehood." Saeed noted, "How did Arabs obtain several independent states from the remains of the Ottoman Empire and the Turks carve out a new country, yet the Kurdish hope for a sovereign state remain unfulfilled?"

An article in The National noted AGSIW's work on cybersecurity training in the UAE: "The Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington said cyber attacks in the region cost US$1 billion (Dh3.67bn) a year – an amount predicted to grow."
AGSIW Visiting Scholar Hala Aldosari spoke about women's rights efforts through digital activisim at the Freedom House event "Revitalizing Democracy Support in Troubled Times."
Associate – Cultural Programs

Position Title: Associate – Cultural Programs
Department/Team: Programs and Communication
Period: Part Time (25 hours/week, no benefits)
Location: Washington, DC 

Job Summary: The cultural associate will be responsible for proposing and implementing cultural programming at AGSIW, such as panel discussions, film screenings, art exhibitions, and music performances. The associate will monitor the arts and culture scene in the GCC countries and help shape the direction of AGSIW cultural programming. The associate will provide administrative, communication, and logistical support to the programs team to plan and execute cultural programming.
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Research Associate (Economic Analysis)

Position Title: Research Associate (Economic Analysis)
Department/Team: Senior Resident Scholars
Period: Part Time (20-25 hours/week, no benefits)
Location: Washington, DC 

Job Summary: Provide research assistance and administrative support to senior resident scholars at the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington. At the direction of the scholars, conduct research on Gulf politics, foreign policy, finance, macroeconomics, and U.S. policy toward the region. Monitor contemporary developments in the Gulf states and in U.S. policy, including reviews of regional and international media. Source data, compile bibliographies, and write summaries on relevant topics. Create charts and graphics for AGSIW publications. Provide administrative, communications, and logistical support to senior resident scholars, and perform additional tasks as requested.
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