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January 3, 2023
Craig Ruttle/Pool via REUTERS
The Yemen Conundrum
Gregory D. Johnsen

The United States wants to end the war in Yemen, but given its lack of leverage over the Houthis, the few policy options it does have will likely make the situation worse.
Saudi Women in the Workforce
Sussan Saikali

Saudi Arabia has made significant progress on women’s rights and labor force participation, but there is still a lot of work to do.
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زيلينسكي في واشنطن
  هشام ملحم

زيارة زيلينسكي لواشنطن أعطته فرصة هامة للتحدث مباشرة مع الرئيس بايدن والمشرعين الأميركيين لتعزيز وتطوير الدعم العسكري لبلاده، ولتذكيرهم بأن مساعداتهم ليست مجرد أعمال خيرية أو صدقة
The Great Iron Wall of Iran?

The January 3 edition of the Iran Media Review considers the implications of government restrictions and class-based internet access in Iran.
Reformist Politician: “Dampening of Protests Does Not Mean Decreased Dissatisfaction”

The December 20 edition of the Iran Media Review highlights warnings from Mohsen Mir-Damadi regarding the roots of discontent in Iran.
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