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Upcoming Event
DATE Sunday October 14
TIME 4:00 pm
LOCATION Smithsonian Freer Gallery of Art
SPEAKERS Meshal Al Jaser and Ali Al Sumayin, Saudi filmmakers
MODERATOR Kristin Smith Diwan, Senior Resident Scholar, AGSIW
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The Bridge blog

With the new government, Iraq could be a major arena for those seeking to roll back Iran’s influence in the region.
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Kuwait has made the strategic decision to deepen bilateral ties with Saudi Arabia, but navigating this critical relationship will be a challenge for the small emirate.
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To meet the dual challenge of energy security and climate change, the Gulf Arab states need a holistic understanding of energy systems when planning an advantageous energy mix.
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Market Watch

Saudi Arabia’s decision to delay a $200 billion solar power project with Japan’s SoftBank casts doubt on the future of the kingdom’s solar energy initiative.
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Millennial Gulf

AGSIW spoke with Ali al-Awadhi, executive manager of Nabta, to learn about the Blue Lake Farm and agritourism in Kuwait.
This post is part of a series on food culture in the Gulf.
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It’s hard to overstate the regional impact of the rivalry between Iran and several Gulf Arab states—most notably Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates—bordering in recent years on enmity.

This week Donald Trump hailed the new trade agreement with Mexico and Canada as “a great deal for all three countries.” And maybe it was. But it also was surprisingly similar to the North American Free Trade Agreement that it replaced — and which Trump has denounced ferociously for years.
Iran’s clerical elites are aware of the religious challenge to their monopoly and have demanded a harsher response to the sources of the threat.
In the Media
Kristin Smith DiwanSpeaking with The Media Line, Senior Resident Scholar Kristin Smith Diwan discussed growing tensions between conservative Islamists and liberal activists in Kuwait.

Position Title: Program and Digital Media Intern
Period: Spring 2019

Location: Washington, DC
Deadline to Apply: October 31

Job Summary:
The Internship Program at the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington provides talented students and recent graduates with a semester-long training opportunity designed to encourage professional and personal development. We encourage out-of-the-box thinking and value fresh perspectives. Interns will receive a monthly stipend.
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Senior Resident Scholar (Political Economy)

Position Title: Senior Resident Scholar (Political Economy)
Location: Washington, DC

Job Summary: One of three senior resident scholars, this position at AGSIW oversees the political economic portfolio at the institute. (S)he is responsible for producing regular high-quality, written analyses of key economic, trade, and financial developments in the Gulf region, and their broader geopolitical implications.
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Visiting Scholar

Position Title: Visiting Scholar
Period: Spring 2019

Location: Washington, DC

Job Summary: Visiting scholars are individuals who possess a PhD or equivalent professional experience. The length of stay for a visiting scholar is typically a semester or academic year. AGSIW is actively seeking candidates with significant regional experience and fluency in written and spoken Arabic. AGSIW will provide a stipend that can be used to cover living expenses, travel costs, or incidental research expenses.
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