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DATE: Sunday December 9
TIME: 8:00 am

For the third consecutive year, AGSIW will convene the UAE Security Forum, where U.S., UAE, and regional partners will gather to find creative solutions to some of the region’s most pressing challenges. For more information, visit

DATE: Thursday December 13
TIME: 12:30 – 2:00 pm
SPEAKERS: Colin P. Kelley, Aisha Al-Sarihi, Harry Verhoeven
MODERATOR: Samantha Gross
As Gulf Arab states exert greater influence in the Horn of Africa, the region’s future is being reimagined.
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On November 24 and December 1 Bahrain held elections for the lower house of Parliament and municipal councils. The new members – absent representation by once-influential opposition societies and dominated by political independents and newcomers – will face a strenuous test with austerity measures looming.
Ahead of their December 6 meeting in Vienna, OPEC and its non-OPEC allies are considering whether and to what extent they need to curb production to balance an oversupplied market and lift oil prices. But Trump’s pressure to keep oil prices low will make their job that much harder.
The paper assesses the strengths and weaknesses of renewable energy (RE) initiatives in Oman. The principal analytical tool is strategic niche management, an approach rooted in evolutionary innovations theory. The analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of RE initiatives is based on three internal dynamic processes: learning processes, actors’ networking, and articulation of visions.
Hussein Ibish on Capitol HillSenior Resident Scholar Hussein Ibish spoke on Capitol Hill at the Middle East Policy Council's discussion on Turkey’s role in the Middle East.
Senior Resident Scholar (Political Economy)

Position Title: Senior Resident Scholar (Political Economy)
Location: Washington, DC

Job Summary: One of three senior resident scholars, this position at AGSIW oversees the political economic portfolio at the institute. (S)he is responsible for producing regular high-quality, written analyses of key economic, trade, and financial developments in the Gulf region, and their broader geopolitical implications.
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Visiting Scholar

Position Title: Visiting Scholar
Period: Spring 2019

Location: Washington, DC

Job Summary: Visiting scholars are individuals who possess a PhD or equivalent professional experience. The length of stay for a visiting scholar is typically a semester or academic year. AGSIW is actively seeking candidates with significant regional experience and fluency in written and spoken Arabic. AGSIW will provide a stipend that can be used to cover living expenses, travel costs, or incidental research expenses.
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