Amine Mati

Assistant Director, Mission Chief for Saudi Arabia, and Head of GCC Division, International Monetary Fund

Amine Mati is an assistant director in the International Monetary Fund’s Middle East and Central Asia department. Since January 2022, he has been the IMF’s mission chief for Saudi Arabia and head of the IMF’s Gulf Cooperation Council division. Mati, a national of Algeria, joined the IMF in 2002 under the economist program and has extensive experience as a macroeconomist. He has worked in the IMF’s Middle East and Central Asia, European, and Fiscal Affairs departments, covering a wide range of countries, including Indonesia, Lebanon, Mauritania, Turkey, and Tunisia, where he successfully led negotiations for two IMF-supported programs after the Arab Spring uprisings. More recently, Mati was the IMF’s senior resident representative and mission chief for Nigeria, leading and managing the IMF’s country work there, including coronavirus pandemic emergency financial assistance. During the pandemic, Mati was the IMF’s mission chief for Uganda, where he led negotiations for a new IMF-supported program and headed the IMF’s work on the East African community. Mati’s research and publications focus on financial crises, fiscal policy, subsidy reform, capital flows, trade, and inclusive growth. Mati holds an MBA in international finance and a PhD in economics from the George Washington University.