Keven Ruby

Senior Research Associate and Research Director, Chicago Project on Security and Threats, University of Chicago

Keven Ruby is a senior research associate and research director for the Chicago Project on Security and Threats at the University of Chicago. His core areas of research are political violence and counterterrorism, focusing on insurgent strategy and state response across major conflicts in the Islamic world; militant propaganda and the role of narratives in mobilization to terrorism; and collective political violence in the United States, including the role of narratives and military experience in mobilizing support for populist violence. His work is published in the American Political Science Review, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, Terrorism and Political Violence, and International Theory. He earned his PhD in political science from the University of Chicago in 2012 and an MA in international affairs from the George Washington University in 1997.

Understanding Global Political Violence: Implications for the Middle East and the West

On May 31, AGSIW hosted researchers and guests from the Chicago Project on Security and Threats to present findings and insights into political violence across the globe for 2021.