Mazin Alzaidi

Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Sector, Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia

Mazin Alzaidi is the director of innovation and entrepreneurship at the Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia. The key focus of his work is the continuous attraction of startups and venture capitalists to support the development of the startup ecosystem in Saudi Arabia. Previously, Alzaidi worked as a consultant at EY Advisory Services in Riyadh. As an entrepreneur, he spent eight years in the startup tech and innovation ecosystem of London. He launched his own business during his postgraduate study in the United Kingdom. Alzaidi has led the design and delivery of entrepreneurship development programs for Saudi entrepreneurs in London, Tokyo, and San Francisco. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, two master’s degrees, and a PhD in cybersecurity. Alzaidi conducted his PhD research at the Cyber Security Center in the International Digital Lab at the University of Warwick. His research in cybersecurity focuses on the protection of intellectual assets within agile dynamic business environments in large corporations. Alzaidi also is a guest lecturer in corporate innovation at the University of Warwick.