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September 11, 2023
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Upcoming Event
Economic Outlook and Future Policy Challenges in Saudi Arabia 
Thursday September 21 | 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm EDT | Online

On September 21, AGSIW will host a discussion with Garbis Iradian and Amine Mati, moderated by Tim Callen, on Saudi Arabia's economic future.
AP Photo/Nariman El-Mofty
The Seeds of Yemen’s Future Wars
Gregory D. Johnsen

Regardless of how or when the current conflict in Yemen ends, child soldiers are not simply going to disappear.
The Rising Energy Demand of AI and Clouds: Unraveling the Environmental Conundrum
Sara Vakhshouri

A better understanding of the potential impact of AI and clouds on energy consumption will enable informed decisions today regarding investments in energy sources, ensuring adequate supplies to meet the energy needs of the future.

This publication is part of AGSIW's Energy and Climate Initiative.
Why Is the Biden Administration Working So Hard on a Saudi-Israel Deal?
Hussein Ibish via The New York Times

The Biden administration is working overtime to consolidate what is arguably Washington’s most significant advantage over its great power rivals, especially China.
A Second Cultural Revolution? Iran’s Purge of Universities

The September 8 edition of the Iran Media Review examines criticism of the ongoing purge of Iranian universities.
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As an institute dedicated to highlighting the importance of the relationship between the United States and the Gulf region, translating AGSIW’s publications from English to Arabic enables us to reach and engage with Arabic-speaking readers in the Gulf and around the world.

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Past Events
Book Talk – New Military Strategies in the Gulf: The Mirage of Autonomy in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Qatar

On September 7, AGSIW hosted a discussion with Jean-Loup Samaan, moderated by Hussein Ibish, of a book that examines Gulf Arab states' military strategies.
Is There a Case for Normalizing Relations With Assad?
On September 6, AGSIW hosted a discussion with Sam Heller, Ambassador James F. Jeffrey, Dareen Khalifa, and Mona Yacoubian, moderated by Ambassador William Roebuck, on the merits of Arab reengagement with the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
A Conversation With Steven Fagin, the United States Ambassador to the Republic of Yemen

On August 24, AGSIW hosted a virtual roundtable with Steven Fagin, the United States ambassador to the Republic of Yemen.
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