Emily Stromquist

Managing Director, Teneo

Emily Stromquist is the managing director at Teneo. She has extensive experience advising corporate and financial services clients on geopolitical risk and energy markets and has lived and worked across Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East, and Africa. Previously, Stromquist was a senior analyst at Eurasia Group, where she covered energy markets and political risk in Eurasia. She then joined the International Energy Agency in Paris as a program manager for sub-Saharan Africa and Russia. Most recently, Stromquist worked at several Middle East-focused risk advisory startups, advising clients on energy transitions and their impact on a range of policy, economic, and investment trends in the region. She is currently a non-resident scholar in the Economics and Energy Program at the Middle East Institute. Stromquist speaks Russian and French and holds an MA from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania. 

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