The Evolution of the Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates

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The Outlook for U.S. Foreign Policy Under the Biden Administration

AGSIW hosted a session as part of Gulf Intelligence’s Global UAE Energy Forum 2021: “Outlook on the Year Ahead.”

Oman One Year On

On January 12, AGSIW hosted a panel analyzing the challenges facing, and the strategic responses of, Oman's new sultan.

UAE Security Forum 2020: Resilient Economies, Resilient Societies

Since its launch in 2016, the UAE Security Forum has played a vital role as a venue where U.S. and regional partners gather to find creative solutions to some of their most pressing common challenges.

Report Launch: Economic Prospects and Policy Challenges for the Gulf Arab Countries

On December 10, AGSIW partnered with the International Monetary Fund on the launch of its Gulf Cooperation Council report.

Saudi Arabia and the G-20

AGSIW hosted a virtual private roundtable to discuss Saudi Arabia’s efforts to diversify its economy and attract investments, its presidency of the G-20, recommendations of the T20 group of think tanks, and the outcomes of this year’s G-20 meeting.

Gulf-Palestinian Relations After the Abraham Accords

On November 5, AGSIW hosted a virtual panel discussion on the future of Gulf-Palestinian relations.

The Geopolitics of Oil and Gas and U.S.-Gulf Arab Relations

As part of the sixth annual Petro Diplomacy conference, AGSIW hosted a virtual panel discussion on the geopolitics of oil.

Petro Diplomacy 2020

For the sixth consecutive year, AGSIW convened its Petro Diplomacy conference, this year virtually.

What Are the Prospects for Natural Gas in the Transition to a Lower Carbon World?

The coronavirus pandemic has delivered an unprecedented shock to the global natural gas market.

How Has the Coronavirus Pandemic Impacted Oil Producers and What Lies Ahead?

The post-coronavirus recovery may be long and painful as governments around the world grapple with the aftershocks of the pandemic.

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