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New Congress Sounds Alarms for U.S.-Gulf Arab Partnership

Yemen, Khashoggi, detainees, and nuclear technology are driving a deep-seated congressional backlash against Riyadh.

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Looking to Elections, Supreme Leader Places Allies in Key Positions

Khamenei’s moves to consolidate his power have led to growing speculation in Iran that the position of its president – current or future – will be far less significant in how the country is led.

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ADNOC Repositions Itself to Challenge International Oil Majors

ADNOC CEO Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber is overseeing an aggressive policy of partial privatization and has brought in new strategic partners to better serve the company’s international operations and export markets.

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Gulf States Help Defuse South Asia Tensions, Protect Economic Interests

Three processes of interregional engagement – labor dynamics, energy cooperation, and strategic investments – are crucial for understanding how Gulf Arab states will exercise economic power in South Asia over the coming years.

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The Aftershocks of Aleppo's Fall Continue to Shake the Region

From the establishment of the Turkey-Russia-Iran triumvirate to the ongoing Arab efforts to re-engage with Syria, everything can be traced back to the events of December 2016.

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Qatar Balances Fraught Regionalism Against Uncertain Globalization

In order to remain a relevant actor in the global economic order, Qatar has established a middle ground between the trends of regionalism and globalization through a strategic strengthening of bilateral partnerships.

Political Succession in the Islamic Republic of Iran: The Rise of the Revolutionary Guards

The political dynamics during the transitions in Iran in 1979 and 1989 reveal a number of similar features that will play into who will succeed Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei; what is new now is the role the IRGC is playing in the factional power struggle.

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