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Iraq Protest Movement Defies Odds, Outperforms in Elections

Results from Iraq’s elections show that a determined young generation can organize and win seats, no matter the obstacles placed in the way by a political system most Iraqis lost faith in long ago. 

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Low Turnout, But Glimmer of Hope in Iraq's Elections

AGSIW's Geneive Abdo spoke with Akeel Abbas, an expert on Iraqi politics and sectarian identities, to discuss the results of Iraq's October 10 parliamentary elections.

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Economic Crisis, Political Divisions Spark Protests in Yemen’s South

As divisions among competing parties and the conflict persist, the economy is spiraling, leaving the majority of Yemenis without access to public services and without the means to meet their basic needs.

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Seven Yemens: How Yemen Fractured and Collapsed, and What Comes Next

Yemen’s fragmentation will have severe repercussions for U.S. foreign policy, regional stability, and, ultimately, international security.

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Qatar’s Shura Council Elections: Incrementally Strengthening Local Politics

The new Shura Council is neither a democratic wand changing Qatar’s political culture nor a pointless exercise. Instead, it is a small evolutionary step in the state’s governance in a more democratic direction.

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UAE Recasts “Cities of Salt” to Win Venice Biennale Architectural Award

The UAE’s participation in the biennale, and being recognized as a leading architectural force, is an important step toward engaging with sociopolitical issues and toward considering the extent to which the built environment can contribute to an equitable and sustainable future.

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A New U.S. Weapons Exports Policy: Transformed or Simply Revamped?

A new Conventional Arms Transfer policy based on human rights could have a major impact on the global arms trade and U.S.-Gulf relations, but questions remain as to whether recent announcements will lead to concrete policy shifts.

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Wary But Intrigued, Saudi Arabia is Still Weighing Potential Ties to Israel

A year after the signing of the Abraham Accords, Saudi Arabia remains poised between joining the accords or deciding it is not worth the many risks involved.

Yemen: Regional Dynamics May Help New U.N. Envoy in Negotiations

With the peace process stalled, Hans Grundberg will need to revise the framework for ending the conflict in Yemen, but his main challenge lies in bringing the local actors to the political discussion.

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