Mahmood Al Zadjali

Conceptual Photographer, Oman

Mahmood Al Zadjali is an award-winning filmmaker and a visual artist based in Muscat, Oman whose work revolves around the human experience in the Middle East. From documenting everyday life to more cohesive editorial photography projects, Al Zadjali’s intent is to present contemporary takes on modern day-to-day reflections by exploring societal pressures and constraints faced by young artists as well as culture and identity through colorful, bright, and bold photography that has become his signature style. As a head of video production and a creative consultant for small and medium enterprises, Al Zadjali has cultivated over eight years of experience in the media and production industry, which has enabled him to work in different capacities. Al Zadjali’s expertise shines as a director who, from the beginnings of a creative vision, has the ability to maintain it throughout the whole process, from the pre-production of a project through to the final edit and past publishing. All of that has given Al Zadjali the opportunity to naturally question the status quo and explore the alternative in a way that is innovative, which has helped him grow and move forward in his path as an artist, a storyteller, and a professional.