Mohamed Elgohari

Arabic Editor, AGSIW

Mohamed Elgohari is the Arabic editor at the Arab Gulf State Institute in Washington. Before joining AGSIW, Elgohari was a global news desk media analyst at SOSI, a company working in aerospace, defense, and government services. He analyzed developments in Iraq, Afghanistan, and some African and Latin American countries. Prior, he was an assistant director at the Atlantic Council’s Middle East programs, where he established and supervised the organization’s first Arabic content program.

Elgohari’s research expertise focuses on democratization, social movements, and law. He holds an MA from New York University. His thesis, “The Ultras Political Role and the State in Egypt,” analyzes the political role of the Egyptian Ultras (soccer fans) by examining the contentious relationship between the state and society with a focus on the post-revolutionary politicization of these groups. Elgohari is currently a PhD student in George Mason University’s Department of Sociology. His doctoral research focuses on the intersection of law, governance, and power in the Middle East.

Elgohari’s work has appeared in various academic and media outlets, such Jadaliyya, Swedish Institute of International Affairs, Al-Ahram Center for Strategic and Political Studies, International Politics Magazine, Al Hayat Daily, Al-Shorouk Daily, and Global Politics Magazine.