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March 23, 2020
 French President Emmanuel Macron talks to French military personnel at the French naval base in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Nov. 9, 2017. (AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili)
AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili
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Gulf Security in a Multipolar World: New Defense Ties Reflect Competition for Influence
Wednesday March 25 | 12:30 – 2:00 pm EDT
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This event will be hosted virtually. Please join the conversation on March 25 and take part in the Q&A with the panelists via Zoom.

On March 25, AGSIW will host an online panel discussion examining Gulf defense and security partnerships with regional and global powers.
A banner showing Saudi King Salman, right, and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, hangs on a tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Oct. 11, 2019. (AP Photo/Amr Nabil)
AP Photo/Amr Nabil
The Big Gamble of Mohammed bin Salman – and Saudi Arabia
Kristin Smith Diwan

Aggressive moves both at home and in global oil markets demonstrate Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s control over decision-making, with the Saudi public invested as never before.
Oil Outlook, Coronavirus Challenge Gulf’s Economic Diversification
Robert Mogielnicki |
اقرأ بالعربية

The region’s digital economy is poised to play a greater role in economic diversification strategies as crisis management measures give way to longer-term planning.
Gulf States’ Demographics Favorable to the Growth of the Sharing Economy
Omar Al-Ubaydli 

Gulf governments see the sharing economy as a source of jobs for young people and promising outlet for entrepreneurs.
Shifting Strategies Toward Sectarian Politics in Bahrain
Kristin Smith Diwan via Mediterranean Politics

Shifting state strategies have impacted both Shia and Sunni Islamist movements in ways that differ over time and change the dynamics between the sects.
Iran is One Step Closer to Anarchy
Ali Alfoneh via The Arab Weekly

Increasingly, it appears as if the government and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps have given up the fight against the spread of the contagion.
AGSIW in Arabic
  من المرجح أن يبرز الاقتصاد الرقمي في المنطقة باعتباره الفائز الأكبر عندما تهدأ عاصفة تفشي فيروس كورونا وتستقر أسعار النفط. يمكن للصناعات التي تنتج قيمة رقمية وتقدم خدمات عن بُعد أن تكون بمثابة سياج وقائي ضد الأزمات المستقبلية التي تقيد تدفق الأشخاص والبضائع خارج الحدود الوطنية
Mark C. Thompson on the Identity of Saudi Male Youth

Kristin Smith Diwan sat down with Mark C. Thompson to discuss his research on the generational shift in attitudes of Saudi men.
In the Media
  • AFP: Kristin Smith Diwan commented on the Saudi oil-pricing strategy and its impact on Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s economic reform agenda.
  • VOA: Ali Alfoneh commented on the coronavirus’ impact on the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and force mobilizations in Iraq and Syria.
  • World Affairs: Ambassador Douglas A. Silliman discussed current tensions impacting Iran, Iraq, and the United States, with the World Affairs Council of Northern California.
  • The Smith Richardson Foundation announces its annual Strategy and Policy Fellows grant competition to support young scholars on U.S. foreign policy, international relations, international security, military policy, and diplomatic and military history.
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