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DATE: Thursday December 13
TIME: 12:30 – 2:00 pm
SPEAKERS: Colin P. Kelley, Aisha Al-Sarihi, Harry Verhoeven
MODERATOR: Samantha Gross
Past Event

For the third consecutive year, AGSIW convened the UAE Security Forum, where U.S., UAE, and regional partners gather to find creative solutions to some of the region’s most pressing challenges. UAESF 2018, held at NYU Abu Dhabi, brought together a diverse group of policymakers and officials to provide recommendations on how best to secure an economically and politically sustainable Yemen. Various media outlets, including The National, Reuters, and Al Arabiya, covered the discussions.
Keep an eye out for videos of each session, as well as the event report.
The Bridge blog
The metamorphosis of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps into an expeditionary force as a result of the Syrian war bodes ill for the United States and its allies in the Middle East, who will likely encounter a more confrontational Islamic Republic in the future.
Government efforts to legalize full foreign ownership in specific sectors aim to significantly boost inward foreign investments. However, the commercial reform threatens to disrupt the long-standing economic institutions and commercial incentives associated with free zones.
AGSIW in Arabic
تزداد الضغوط التي تحيط بالرئيس ترامب مع اقتراب تحقيقات المحقق الخاص مولر من منعطف هام بشأن الروابط مع روسيا، فضلا عن تطورات ملف السعودية ومقتل خاشقجي، وحتى وفاة الرئيس بوش الأب جاءت لتزيد من الطين بلة
اطلع على المزيد
In addition to original content, in Arabic is regularly updated with new Arabic translations of AGSIW's analysis. Recent translations include:
In the Media
(From left) Timothy A. Lenderking, Mohammed Abulahoum, and Stephen A Seche at the third UAE Security Forum in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. (Antonie Robertson / The National)Reuters and Al Arabiya cited comments on U.S. support for the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen by Timothy A. Lenderking, deputy assistant secretary for Arabian Gulf Affairs in the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs at the U.S. Department of State, at the UAE Security Forum 2018 in Abu Dhabi. The National also highlighted UAESF 2018, including comments by Lenderking, Chairman of Yemen's Justice and Building Party Mohammed Abulahoum, and U.N. Resident Coordinator in Yemen Lise Grande.

Ibish on France 24Speaking with France 24, Senior Resident Scholar Hussein Ibish commented on U.S. relations with Saudi Arabia, in light of the Yemen conflict and the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
Senior Resident Scholar Kristin Smith Diwan spoke on the panel "Shifts in Saudi Arabia and Post-Arab Spring Developments" at the Future of Salafism Conference at the University of Oxford.

Ali Alfoneh at the Washington InstituteSenior Fellow Ali Alfoneh spoke on the panel "The IRGC and Regional Conflict: Temperature Rising" hosted by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.
Senior Resident Scholar (Political Economy)

Position Title: Senior Resident Scholar (Political Economy)
Location: Washington, DC

Job Summary: One of three senior resident scholars, this position at AGSIW oversees the political economic portfolio at the institute. (S)he is responsible for producing regular high-quality, written analyses of key economic, trade, and financial developments in the Gulf region, and their broader geopolitical implications.
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Visiting Scholar

Position Title: Visiting Scholar
Period: Spring 2019

Location: Washington, DC

Job Summary: Visiting scholars are individuals who possess a PhD or equivalent professional experience. The length of stay for a visiting scholar is typically a semester or academic year. AGSIW is actively seeking candidates with significant regional experience and fluency in written and spoken Arabic. AGSIW will provide a stipend that can be used to cover living expenses, travel costs, or incidental research expenses.
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