Ahmed Nagi

Senior Analyst for Yemen, Crisis Group

As Crisis Group’s Senior Analyst for Yemen, Ahmed Nagiis responsible for covering conflict dynamics, politics, security, and the regional role of the country. He provides field-based insights and recommendations aimed at resolving conflict. Before joining Crisis Group, Nagi was a non-resident scholar at the Carnegie Middle East Center, where he covered the conflict in Yemen, borderland dynamics, and local governance transformations, among other issues. Additionally, he was the research manager at the Institute of Citizenship and Diversity Management at Adyan Foundation in Lebanon, a country coordinator on Yemen and Oman at Varieties of Democracy Institute (V-Dem) in Sweden, and a senior consultant at Insight Source Center for Research and Consulting in Yemen. Nagi holds an MA in public governance from the University of Granada, Spain. 

Is the End in Sight for the Yemen Conflict?

On October 26, AGSIW hosted a discussion on the prospects for the end of the conflict in Yemen.