Alessandra L. González

Senior Research Associate, University of Chicago

Alessandra L. González is a senior research associate at the University of Chicago’s Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics and a non-resident research fellow at the Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University. Her research centers on the role of culture on gender inequality, particularly measured by economic outcomes (such as labor force participation, occupational segregation, executive leadership) in organizations. Previously, she was a post-doctoral research associate in the James Madison Program in the Department of Politics at Princeton University and a research fellow at the Institute for Studies of Religion at Baylor University. González is the author of Islamic Feminism in Kuwait: The Politics and Paradoxes (Palgrave Macmillan). She has forthcoming book chapters in Women’s Encounter with Globalization (Frontpage Publications) and Islam and International Relations: Mutual Perceptions (Cambridge Scholars Publishing). González received her PhD and MA in sociology from Baylor University and BA in sociology and policy studies from Rice University. 

Understanding Youth and Women’s Employment in Saudi Arabia

Alessandra L. González shared insights from her research on Saudi women’s employment in the kingdom.