Gokhan Cinkara

CEO, Ankara Center for Global Politics

Gokhan Cinkara is a researcher, a columnist, and an analyst. He is an assistant professor at Necmettin Erbakan University, and previously he was a researcher at Ankara University on comparative politics, political parties, constitutional institutes, political sociology, intellectual history, and Israeli studies. He was a visiting researcher at Brandeis University in 2018 and a visiting researcher at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem from 2016-17. Cinkara received his PhD in political science from Ankara University.  

International and Regional Involvement in the Middle East

“International and Regional Involvement in the Middle East" is a bimonthly workshop series launched in September 2021, co-hosted by AGSIW and the University of Haifa.

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Interpreting Turkey’s Current Diplomatic Rapprochement Toward the Gulf

With an escalating economic crisis and its repercussions narrowing Erdogan's leverage in domestic politics, Turkey’s president is taking bold steps in foreign policy.