H.E. Fuad Mohammed Hussein

Finance Minister, Iraq

H.E. Fuad Mohammed Hussein is Iraq’s deputy prime minister of economic affairs and minister of finance in the government of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi. He previously served as chief of Dewan for the Kurdistan regional presidency, a governing council member, and supervisor of the education sector, and he held several managerial and educational positions. Hussein moved to Baghdad in 1967 and joined the Kurdish Student Union and then the Kurdistan Democratic Party. In 1975, Hussein moved to the Netherlands, where he led the Kurdish students union abroad and became the deputy head of the Kurdish Institute in Paris in 1987. Hussein graduated from Baghdad University with a BS in education and obtained a doctorate in international relations in the Netherlands. He is the author of publications including The Legal Concept of Self Determination and the Kurdish Affair and Economic Growth and Development in Iraqi Kurdistan. He speaks fluent Kurdish, Arabic, Dutch, and English.

Roundtable With H.E. Fuad Hussein, Finance Minister, Iraq

At this roundtable, part of AGSIW’s Iraq Initiative, H.E. Fuad Hussein discussed the wider government effort to rebuild the country after the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant.