Ibrahim Hamidi

Executive Editor, Al Majalla

Ibrahim Hamidi is a Syrian journalist and the executive editor of Al Majalla, a current affairs magazine focused on the Arab world, and the senior diplomatic editor for Syrian affairs at Asharq Al-Awsat, a pan-Arab newspaper based in London. He is one of the founders of SalonSyria, a website to train Syrian journalists and promote freedom of expression. Hamidi was the Damascus bureau chief of the Arab daily newspaper Al-Hayat for 22 years and contributes to several other international media outlets and think tanks. Previously, he served as head of the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation office in Damascus, in addition to his work with Al-Hayat, and as a senior writer for Forward Magazine in Damascus. Hamidi’s work focuses on strategic issues in the Middle East, with special insight into Syria’s internal and regional politics. He is also a research fellow and co-founder of the Syrian Studies Center at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Hamidi is also a co-founder of the Arab Investigative Journalism Program.

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