Kourosh Ziabari


Kourosh Ziabari is an award-winning journalist from Iran and an Asia Times correspondent. A recipient of the Chevening Scholarship from the United Kingdom’s Foreign Office, he is an alumnus of the Senior Journalists Seminar Fellowship by the East-West Center, a 2022 Dag Hammarskjold Fund for Journalists fellow, and a 2022 World Press Institute fellow. He was a finalist for two Kurt Schork Awards in international journalism in 2020 and 2021, and his writing has appeared in Foreign Policy, The National Interest, openDemocracy, Responsible Statecraft, the Middle East Institute, and The New Arab. Kourosh is an American Middle Eastern Network for Dialogue at Stanford fellow.

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The Pandemic is Dwindling, but Iran’s Politicization of the Coronavirus Has Taken Its Toll

The Iranian government’s idiosyncratic response to the health emergency and its ideological handling of the immunization plans still resonates with many as the symptom of a broader malaise: the perception that to the government, politics supersede Iranian lives.