Sinem Cengiz


Sinem Cengiz is a researcher at Qatar University’s Gulf Studies Center and a non-resident fellow at the Washington-based Gulf International Forum. She is a regular columnist for Arab News and a member of the Women in Foreign Policy Initiative. She is the author of Turkish-Saudi Relations: Cooperation and Competition in the Middle East and co-editor of The Making of Contemporary Kuwait: Identity, Politics, and Its Survival Strategy. In her research, she focuses on the international relations of the Gulf and Turkey’s relations with the Gulf Cooperation Council states. Cengiz was born and raised in Kuwait and is currently based in Doha.

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Women Opera Singers in the Gulf: Breaking Barriers With Their Voices

Gulf women, with their own sentimental style blending elements of the East and West, are helping opera draw larger Gulf audiences.

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Gulf Women Closing Ranks in Security and Diplomacy

Although the entry of women into the Gulf’s diplomatic and military ranks was slower than elsewhere, the region is in the midst of a sweeping transformation, largely due to top-down policies and social shifts.

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Turkey-Bahrain Relations Getting Back on Track, as Erdogan Set to Visit Manama

Two old regional partners forge ahead with renewed diplomatic, economic, and security ties, putting frictions related to Qatar boycott in the rearview mirror.