Turki bin Ali al-Balushi

Journalist, Oman

Turki bin Ali al-Balushi is the Oman correspondent at Bloomberg LP and a communications consultant. He has worked for the last 10 years in local and international media and has founded independent media platforms in his native Oman. In 2012, al-Balushi started the first online newspaper in Oman. In 2018, he started the podcast “Al-Sekka” to provide in-depth analysis and interviews.

Oman One Year On

On January 12, AGSIW hosted a panel analyzing the challenges facing, and the strategic responses of, Oman's new sultan.

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Oman Restructures Government in Bid To Revive Economy

Sultan Haitham’s 28 royal decrees aim to centralize and empower the government, but they are only the beginning of reforms in the sultanate.

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100 Days In, Sultan Haitham Charts a New Course for Oman

The first decisions of Oman's new sultan, Haitham bin Tariq al-Said, demonstrate a calm and deliberate ruling style and offer a glimpse into important changes that may be yet to come.