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Ambassador Marcelle M. WahbaAGSIW Announces Retirement of Founding President Ambassador Marcelle M. Wahba

AGSIW announces the retirement of its president, Ambassador Marcelle M. Wahba. AGSIW Board Chair Ambassador Frank G. Wisner said, “We’re profoundly grateful to Marcelle for her bold, visionary leadership and indispensable contribution to ensuring the institute’s long-term viability in Washington’s foreign policy community.”
Upcoming Event
DATE: Tuesday April 16
TIME: 12:30 – 2:00 pm
SPEAKERS: Steven A. Cook, Bessma Momani
MODERATOR: Hussein Ibish
Market Watch
More spending, low growth, and recurring deficits are not a recipe for long-term economic sustainability, but this concoction may be a necessary pill for Gulf states to swallow as the hard work of economic reform sets in.
Uber’s acquisition of its Dubai-based rival Careem signals a promising new phase for the Gulf’s technology sector.
Press Release
The Frank G. Wisner Chair for Arabian Peninsula Strategic Studies

AGSIW is pleased to announce the creation of the Frank G. Wisner Jr. Chair for Arabian Peninsula Strategic Studies. AGSIW will host special events in support of the Wisner Chair, inviting friends and colleagues of Ambassador Frank G. Wisner to celebrate his enormous contributions to international peace and stability.
Recognizing annexation of the Golan Heights weakens alliances with Arab powers and strengthens Israeli annexationists and Palestinian rejectionists.
Iran and Iranians are likely to face old problems in the new year and a closer look at Khamenei’s address reveals the Iranian leader himself expects a difficult year ahead.
Research Associate (Politics, Society, and Culture)

Period: Part Time (20-25 hours/week, no benefits)
Location: Washington, DC

Job Summary: Provide research assistance and support to resident scholars at AGSIW. At the direction of the scholars, conduct research on Gulf politics, society, and culture with an emphasis on youth initiatives.
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HR & Office Administrator

Period: Full Time
Location: Washington, DC

Job Summary: The HR & Office Administrator serves in a dual role involving the full spectrum of both human resource management and office management responsibilities in support of the institute’s overall mission and objectives.
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