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While the Emiratis have their own reasons for outreach to Tehran, Washington and Riyadh may find it useful as well.
Despite a large appetite among Gulf Arab states for Chinese investment and trade, the UAE has emerged as China’s primary economic partner in the region.
A unique pattern of provincial or regional consortiums from China are deeply engaged in marquee Belt and Road Initiative projects that are shaping the future of China’s power in the Gulf.
The growing closeness between China and Saudi Arabia sheds some light on similar structural features and sociopolitical trends that have emerged in both countries, particularly the rise of parallel feminist mobilizations.
In the Media
Douglas SillimanOn The Lawfare Podcast, Ambassador Douglas A. Silliman, AGSIW president, discussed the impact of the Trump administration’s “maximum pressure” campaign toward Iran on neighboring Iraq. For VOA, Ambassador Stephen A. Seche, AGSIW executive vice president, discussed UAE outreach to Iran amid tensions in the region.

For AFP, Senior Resident Scholar Kristin Smith Diwan commented on the Saudi government’s decision to ease guardianship restrictions for Saudi women.
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Summary: The Development Coordinator plays a critical role supporting the Senior Director of Programs and Outreach in fundraising, identifying potential partners and sponsors, and coordinating and managing programs relevant to donor sustainment.
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