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October 23, 2023
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Is the End in Sight for the Yemen Conflict?
Thursday October 26 | 10:00 - 11:30 am EDT | Online

On October 26, AGSIW will host a discussion with Eleonora Ardemagni, Gregory D. Johnsen, and Ahmed Nagi, moderated by Hussein Ibish, on the prospects for the end of the conflict in Yemen.
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The Israel-Hamas Conflict
The Reckoning That Is Coming for Qatar
Hussein Ibish via The Atlantic

The Gulf country’s dalliance with Islamist groups such as the Taliban and Hamas has at times made it a diplomatic broker. Now those ties are a liability.
Biden Played Partisan Politics in Israel. This Could Benefit Hamas in the Long Run
Hussein Ibish via The National

The U.S. president's full-throated support for the Netanyahu government will strengthen the extremist forces.
President Biden Is Right: Israel Needs to Avoid America's 9/11 Mistakes
Hussein Ibish via Newsweek

When Hamas fighters broke through the Israeli border fence on October 7, they were seeking to provoke Israel into miscalculations driven by outrage.
  • ABC News Daily: Hussein Ibish discussed the history of Gaza and the Israel-Hamas conflict. 
  • CNN: Ibish discussed Qatar as a diplomatic broker in the Israel-Hamas conflict and its ties with Hamas. 
  • Radio Open Source: Ibish discussed the Israel-Hamas conflict. 
  • All In With Chris Hayes: Ibish discussed the Israel-Hamas conflict. 
  • Al Arabiya: In multiple interviews, Ibish discussed the Israel-Hamas conflict. He also spoke with France24.
  • Scripps News Tonight: In two interviews, Ambassador William Roebuck commented on President Joseph R. Biden Jr.'s Oval Office remarks on the Israel-Hamas conflict and the humanitarian situation in Gaza.
  • The Economist quoted Ibish in "Israel Needs to Resist Irrational Retaliation."
  • AFP quoted Kristin Smith Diwan in "Business Elite Flock To Saudi As Gaza War Casts Shadow."
  • Foreign Affairs quoted Ibish in "What Comes After Hamas?"
  • The Times quoted Ibish in "Hamas Hostage Release: Two Women Rejected by Israel, Militants Claim."
  • Times of Israel quoted Ibish in "Arab Diplomats ‘Horrified’ by Hamas Onslaught But Critical of Israel’s Response."
  • Haaretz quoted Ibish in "Hamas, Hezbollah and the Houthis: What Is Iran’s Involvement in the Israel-Hamas War?"
  • Vox quoted Ibish in "What Israel Should Do Now."
  • El Pais quoted Ibish in "Gaza Crisis Shakes Up the Middle East’s Political Landscape."
Mohammad Ali Marizad/Tasnim News Agency via AP
A Method to Movements? Tracking Quds Force Chief Qaani
Ali Alfoneh

Quds Force Chief Ismail Qaani’s foreign visits reveal minor anomalies regarding Palestinian affairs.
The Regime in Tehran: Neither Invulnerable nor on Its Deathbed
Ali Alfoneh

The Iranian regime has its weaknesses, but, for now, there is no prospect of the regime’s imminent collapse.
Baghdad Squeezes Kurdistan Region on Legal and Economic Fronts, Prompting Crisis
Yerevan Saeed

Six years after its independence referendum, the Kurdistan region of Iraq confronts grave political, economic, and security challenges.
AGSIW in Arabic
صراع حماس وإسرائيل قد يقلب الحسابات السعودية والأمريكية رأسًا على عقب
حسين إبيش

سوف تراقب كل من واشنطن والرياض الخطوات التالية قبل إعادة تقييم إمكانية التوصل لاتفاق ثلاثي مع إسرائيل
No Change in Iran’s Position Concerning the Financial Action Task Force

The October 20 edition of the Iran Media Review highlights reactions to rumors that Iran is considering joining the Financial Action Task Force.
Iran Uses Threats of Intervention to Complicate Israeli Calculations

The October 17 edition of the Iran Media Review examines Iran’s posture vis-a-vis the Israel-Hamas conflict.

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Past Events
Book Talk – Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates: Foreign Policy and Strategic Alliances in an Uncertain World

On October 17, AGSIW hosted a discussion with Robert Mason, moderated by Kristin Smith Diwan, on the foreign policies of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
Sovereign Wealth Funds in the Middle East & Asia

On October 19, AGSIW hosted a private workshop on sovereign wealth funds, led by Senior Resident Scholar Robert Mogielnicki.
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