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November 28, 2022
AP Photo/Hani Mohammed
Why Yemen’s Truce Collapsed
  Gregory D. Johnsen

At the moment, the Houthis believe they have more to gain from war than peace.
With Iran’s Drones, Russia Looks to Extend War and Costs to Ukraine – and the West
  Ali Bakir and Fatih Ikep

While the strategic value of Iran’s drones seems limited thus far, Moscow seems to view them as an inexpensive – and punitive – way to maintain leverage in the conflict.
Abandoning the Middle East? Navy's AI Drone Fleet Says Otherwise
  Hussein Ibish via Bloomberg

The high-tech Digital Ocean deployment in Middle Eastern waters needs to be coupled with an update of the 50-year-old Carter Doctrine.
Kayhan Newspaper Slams Elections in Bahrain, but in Reality Describes Elections in Iran

The November 22 edition of the Iran Media Review considers commentary by Iranian media outlets on Bahrain’s parliamentary elections.
Blaming “Separatists” for Protests at Home, Iran Continues Shelling Iraqi Kurdistan

The November 25 edition of the Iran Media Review considers IRGC statements regarding Kurdish “separatists” and its attacks on these groups based in the Iraqi Kurdistan region.
AGSIW in Arabic
  ما يحدث الآن هو أن إيران وتركيا تقومان بشن الغارات الجوية والصاروخية ضد الأكراد في العراق وسوريا، هذا الوضع سيضع القوات الأميركية في سوريا في موقع عسكري صعب
  إن أوجه القصور والفساد المستشرية في نظام المحاصصة العرقية-الطائفية في العراق جوهرية، لكن المجتمع المنقسم، بشكل كبير، في البلاد قد رسخ هذا النظام بشكل عميق بحيث يصعب إصلاح
  يمضي شريكان إقليميان قديمان نحو تجديد العلاقات الدبلوماسية والاقتصادية والأمنية، وازاحة الخلافات المتعلقة بمقاطعة قطر جانبًا
In the Media
  • Nature: Robert Mogielnicki discussed the socioeconomic impact of the World Cup on Qatar and whether the competition will boost the country’s science ambitions.
  • Voice of America: In a podcast, Hussein Ibish discussed U.S.-Saudi relations and the politics of Qatar's World Cup.
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