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November 6, 2023
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How Is the Israel-Hamas Conflict Affecting Gulf Arab States and Their Strategic Calculations?
Tuesday November 7 | 10:00 - 11:30 am EST | Online

On November 7, AGSIW will host a discussion with Kristin Smith Diwan, Elham FakhroKim Ghattas, and Bader Al-Saif, moderated by Hussein Ibish, on Gulf responses to the Israel-Hamas conflict.
Iranian Foreign Ministry via AP
Iran Confident Israel-Hamas Conflict Can Advance Its Geostrategic Position
Sara Bazoobandi 

In offering support for Hamas and the Palestinian cause, Tehran is likely to avoid direct regime – or irretrievable Hezbollah – entanglement to shield its core strategic interests.
Is Quds Force Chief Qaani Likely to Open a Hezbollah Front Against Israel?
Ali Alfoneh 

While there are ways Hezbollah could become involved in the Israel-Hamas conflict, neither Hezbollah nor Iran appears interested in a wider regional war.
Five Climate Challenges the Gulf States Might Not Have Time to Solve
Marie van den Bosch  

Whether it is water and food scarcity, migration pressures, or infrastructure damage due to extreme weather events, the pace at which Gulf governments are willing to implement pro-climate policies might not be fast enough to mitigate the most pressing challenges.

This publication is part of AGSIW's Energy and Climate Initiative.
OPEC and IEA at Odds Over Long-Term Oil Demand Outlook
Kate Dourian 

The divergence between the IEA and OPEC outlooks is largely due to assumptions regarding the speed at which internal combustion engine vehicles will be replaced by electric vehicles.
Israel’s Dangerous Delusion
Hussein Ibish via The Atlantic

No third party will step in to govern Gaza.
The Palestinian People Should Be Enraged at Both Israel and Hamas
Hussein Ibish via The New Republic

Israel’s crimes in Gaza are clear. But Hamas has inflicted tremendous harm on blameless Palestinians in a political war of attrition against its Fatah rivals.
Iranian Proxies and Proxies of the Proxies

The November 3 edition of the Iran Media Review examines the stances of Iran and its allied militias on recent attacks against Israel.
Iran Prepares for 2024 Parliamentary Elections

The October 31 edition of the Iran Media Review highlights efforts to make the Israel-Hamas conflict a theme in Iran’s 2024 elections.

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In the Media
  • Middle East Studies Association: AGSIW participated in the Middle East Studies Association's 57th annual meeting in Montreal. Robert Mogielnicki delivered a presentation on Saudi-Chinese economic relations on the panel “The Politics of Trade and Investment in the New Gulf.” Kristin Smith Diwan chaired the panel "Advances and Shortcomings in Gulf Studies."
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