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June 5, 2023
AP Photo/Andrew Medichini
First EU Gulf Envoy Takes Office Amid Push to Revamp Ties
Leonardo Jacopo Maria Mazzucco 

As the last of several measures taken by Brussels to shore up EU-GCC relations, the appointment of a special representative for the Gulf is intended to enhance the EU’s regional presence and create a conducive atmosphere for engagement.
Are Iran and Egypt on a Path to Entente?
Kourosh Ziabari  | اقرأ بالعربية

A thaw with Egypt may help an economically besieged Iranian government rattled by popular protests boost its regional standing.
AGSIW in Arabic
هل إيران ومصر على طريق الوفاق؟
  كوروش زياباري

ربما يكون لانفراج العلاقات مع مصر أثر في مساعدة الحكومة الإيرانية، المحاصرة اقتصاديًا، والتي تزعزعها الاحتجاجات الشعبية، على تعزيز مكانتها الإقليمية
Iranian Media Reflects on Change of Supreme National Security Council Secretary

The June 2 edition of the Iran Media Review examines commentary on the possible motivations behind Rear Admiral Ali Akbar Ahmadian’s appointment as Supreme National Security Council secretary.
Past Events
Will Kuwait’s Upcoming Elections Help Resolve Its Political Gridlock?

On May 31, AGSIW hosted a discussion with Kristin Smith Diwan, Yasmena Al Mulla, and Bader Al-Saif, moderated by Ambassador Douglas A. Silliman, on Kuwait's upcoming parliamentary elections.
How Will Presidential Election Results Affect Turkey’s Regional Outlook?

On June 1, AGSIW and the Middle East Institute co-hosted a discussion with Hussein Ibish, Alan Makovsky, and Gönül Tol, moderated by Ambassador Douglas A. Silliman, on Turkey's presidential election results.
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