Hasan Alhasan

Research Fellow, Middle East Policy, International Institute for Strategic Studies

Hasan Alhasan is a research fellow for Middle East policy at the International Institute for Strategic Studies. His current research interests include Asian-Middle Eastern relations with a focus on South Asia and the Gulf, the foreign policies and economic statecraft of the Gulf Arab monarchies, and regional security in the Gulf. Alhasan’s doctoral thesis at King’s College London examined Indian foreign policy towards the Gulf region.

Alhasan previously served for five years as senior analyst on foreign policy and national security at the Office of the First Deputy Prime Minister of Bahrain. He has earned degrees from Sciences Po Paris and the London School of Economics and is a 2007 recipient of the Crown Prince’s International Scholarship Program in Bahrain.

UAE Security Forum 2021: U.S.-Gulf Relations in a Changing Region

From December 7-9, UAESF 2021 assessed geopolitical trends in the region.

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Is India Abandoning Iran for a Middle Eastern Quad, or Merely Signaling China?

Although joining the quadrilateral talks risks upsetting relations with Tehran, New Delhi appears willing to take measured risks to counter what it perceives as its most potent and increasingly belligerent adversary, China.

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The Kuala Lumpur Summit Galvanizes Stronger OIC, Gulf Stand on Muslim Causes

The contest among Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, and Malaysia over the symbolic leadership of the Muslim world places a heavier burden on these states to appear as champions of Muslim causes.