Julia Gurol

Political Scientist, University of Freiburg

Julia Gurol is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Freiburg and a political analyst. Her research focuses on Chinese foreign and security policy, China-Gulf relations, connectivity, and infrastructure. She is the author of The EU-China Security Paradox (Bristol University Press, 2022). Her publications have appeared in journals such as International Affairs, the Journal of Contemporary China, and the Asian Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies.

What to Make of the Iranian-Saudi Rapprochement and China’s Role in It

On March 30, AGSIW hosted a discussion on the reestablishment of diplomatic ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

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China’s Balancing Act in the Gulf Relies on Ties to Iran and Arab States

The China-Iran deal may be a stepping stone to increased ties between Tehran and Beijing, but the Gulf Arab states remain integral to Beijing’s economic projection in the Middle East.