Mohammed Baharoon

Director General, b'huth

Mohammed Baharoon is the director general of b’huth, which he established with Ahmed Al Mansoori in 2002 in Dubai, UAE. Baharoon received his master’s degree in English literature from Texas Tech University in 1995 and his English Major from Kuwait University in 1987. This led to a career in media where he worked as a reporter for Al Arabi Magazine, which was a premier cultural monthly in the Arab world. Baharoon continued his media career as a writer for Al Ittihad newspaper and then as an editor for Gulf Defence Magazine.

Baharoon is also a founding member of the board of the Bussola Institute, a think tank in Brussels that focuses on the changing and emerging aspects of the partnership between the European Union and the Gulf Cooperation Council member states.

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UAE-U.S. Relations: What Went Wrong?

The UAE and United States have long enjoyed a steady and strong relationship, but it is now undergoing some stress testing.

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GCC Interests in the Horn of Africa: Historical Connections, Red Sea Stability

In this video, Mohammed Baharoon and Elizabeth Dickinson discuss historical ties, as well as economic and security interests, between the Gulf Arab states and the Horn of Africa region.