Scott J. Weiner

Professorial Lecturer in Political Science, George Washington University

Scott Weiner is a professorial lecturer in political science at George Washington University, where he teaches courses on comparative politics of the Middle East, human rights, and gender politics. His policy writing has appeared in The Washington Post, Lawfare, Small Wars Journal, The New Arab, Muftah, and Diplomatic Courier. From 2013-14, Weiner served as a visiting research fellow at the American University of Kuwait. His academic work has appeared in the International Feminist Journal of Politics and Political Studies Review. Prior to starting his doctorate, he worked as a research analyst on Iraq for Strategic Social and a research assistant on the Iraq project at the Institute for the Study of War. He is a member of the Bridging the Gap Project and chairs the Middle East Discussion Group of Young Professionals in Foreign Policy. Weiner holds a PhD and an MA in political science from George Washington University and a BA in international relations from Tufts University.

Book Launch: Kinship, State Formation and Governance in the Arab Gulf States

On Thursday July 7, AGSIW hosted a discussion on Scott Weiner's new publication examining tribe-state relations in the Gulf.

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Kuwait’s Government Unlikely to Ease Austerity Despite Opposition Pressure

Since the opening of the Kuwaiti Parliament’s current session on December 19, 2017 opposition members of parliament have moved aggressively to stymie the government’s austerity agenda.

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Oman’s Municipal Elections Reveal Frustration with Austerity Program

In countries where politics are opaque to outsiders, municipal elections provide an important glimpse into the minds of the population.

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Kinship Politics in the Gulf Arab States

This report introduces kinship politics in the Gulf Arab states with an explanation of the origins of kinship-based governance in the region.

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The Muscat Commute: A Young Generation’s Journey Between Tradition And Modernity

While there are many ways to describe Muscat, Oman, “The Big City” is hardly one of them.