Sussan Saikali

Research Associate

Sussan Saikali is a research associate at the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington. Her primary research focus is identity politics and the effects of sectarianism on political attitudes and behaviors in the Middle East as well as the spillover of sectarianism in the Middle Eastern diaspora population in the West. Saikali has worked with a number of local institutes and organizations, both political and nonprofit, and analyzed and assessed the effects racial and religious identity can have on communities as well as their political behaviors and policies.

Saikali is a PhD student at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She holds an MA in political science and a certificate in international affairs from Villanova University and a BA in political science from Temple University, graduating Phi Beta Kappa.

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Gulf Rupture With Lebanon Exacerbates Beirut’s Economic Woes

France has sought to calm recent tensions, but the increasing influence of Hezbollah and the shifting focus of Saudi and UAE economic policies elsewhere raises questions of where Lebanon will be able to turn for support.