Briefing on the U.S.-Iraq Strategic Dialogue

AGSIW hosted a media briefing with Ambassador Douglas A. Silliman on the U.S.-Iraq Strategic Dialogue.

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Arar Border Opening: Saudi Arabia Steps Up Economic Competition in Iraq

Saudi Arabia must compete with other regional hegemons, mainly Turkey and Iran, as it works to increase its economic influence in Iraq.

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Clerics Support Protesters’ Call for Reforms, Walk Fine Line in Iraqi Politics

The outcome of the upcoming parliamentary elections will be a test of clerical influence in Iraq and of the hold that protesters can continue to exert over Iraqi politics.

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Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani and Pope Francis: A Meeting of the Minds in Najaf?

Pope Francis’ visit to Iraq is likely to be long on symbolism and calls for peace, protection of religious minorities, and religious tolerance. But that it has taken place at all is a substantive achievement for all of Iraq’s people.

In Crucial Election Year for Iraq, Could the Protest Movement Tip the Scale? 

On Wednesday March 3, AGSIW hosted a discussion examining the potential impact of youth protests on elections in Iraq.

Roundtable Discussion on Iraq

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s U.S.-Iraq Business Council, in partnership with AGSIW, hosted a roundtable discussion on the latest developments in Iraq and the region featuring Ambassador Douglas A. Silliman and Ali Alfoneh.

Iraq Briefing

AGSIW held a briefing on Iraq for the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs with Ambassador Douglas A. Silliman, Hussein Ibish, Ali Alfoneh, and Ambassador Feisal al-Istrabadi.

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Can Restoration of Electricity Spark a New Era in Relations Between Baghdad and Riyadh?

The U.S. “maximum pressure” approach to contain Iran’s destabilizing behavior in the Middle East has played a key role in the Trump administration’s determination to help Iraq and Saudi Arabia mend ties.

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What Iran’s Military Journals Reveal About the Goals of the Quds Force

A pilot survey of the complete series of two journals published by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Imam Hussein University provides valuable information about the internal deliberations of the Quds Force.

Keep Your Enemies Closer: Iran and the U.S.-Iraq Strategic Dialogue

While the long-term objective of Tehran may well be to expel all great powers from the Middle East, in the short term, Iran benefits from the U.S. presence in Iraq.

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