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Can Restoration of Electricity Spark a New Era in Relations Between Baghdad and Riyadh?

The U.S. “maximum pressure” approach to contain Iran’s destabilizing behavior in the Middle East has played a key role in the Trump administration’s determination to help Iraq and Saudi Arabia mend ties.

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Pakistan’s Military Steps In To Manage Tense Ties With Saudi Arabia

A swift Saudi pullout from an economic assistance program for Pakistan spells trouble for the bilateral relationship, but it would be unwise to write an obituary for Saudi-Pakistani ties.

The Future of U.S.-Saudi Relations

On August 27, AGSIW hosted a virtual roundtable on the future of U.S.-Saudi relations.

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Public Debate Over the Abraham Accords Reflects Range of Views on Normalization in the Gulf

While political narratives on Israel are shifting under the influence of some determined state leaders, resistance to normalization remains across Gulf societies.

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As UAE Nuclear Power Plant Comes On Line, Attention Turns to Saudi Plans

The Gulf appears to be approaching a new, uncertain era: a scramble for sources of uranium, possibly followed by the acquisition of dual-use technologies, enrichment, and a capacity for breakout.

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Is This Time Different? The Gulf’s Early Economic Policy Response to the Crises of 2020

As Gulf Arab policymakers continue to confront an ambiguous future, they will rely heavily on familiar economic policy measures and avoid straying from the status quo as long as possible.

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China’s Balancing Act in the Gulf Relies on Ties to Iran and Arab States

The China-Iran deal may be a stepping stone to increased ties between Tehran and Beijing, but the Gulf Arab states remain integral to Beijing’s economic projection in the Middle East.

Women’s Nabati Poetry Captures Hearts

Inspired by love, longing, and the desert environment, female poets have long contributed to Nabati poetry. Now, women are breaking norms, refuting the notion that women and men are on different levels in poetry.

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