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February 21, 2023
State Department photo by Ron Przysucha/Public Domain
Iraq Looks for Expanded Economic Ties and to Put Baghdad Back on Washington’s Political Map
Ambassador Douglas A. Silliman

Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein’s public outreach and official meetings seem to have put Iraq back on the policy agenda in Washington. But both sides will need to take further steps to sustain the positive momentum.
Saudi Earthquake Response Emphasizes Aid to All Parts of Syria
Eman Alhussein

Riyadh’s approach to humanitarian assistance and charitable giving, evident in the Syria relief effort, reflects significant organizational changes in line with the kingdom’s broad transformation agenda.
“Listen to the Artist”: U.S. and Saudi Artists Develop Cultural Ties
Sean Foley and Hatem Alzahrani

Saudi and U.S. cultural programs provide an opportunity to bridge cultural differences – and showcase artists and performers blending artistic influences from the two countries – while harnessing sources for creativity and innovation.
AGSIW in Arabic
عام على الغزو الروسي لأوكرانيا
  هشام ملحم

على الرغم من شجاعة وتفان الأوكرانيين في الدفاع عن وطنهم، فإن صمودهم المدهش أمام دولة كبيرة مثل روسيا لم يكن ممكنًا لولا الدعم الغربي
The Islamic Republic Reacts to Opposition Forum at Georgetown University

The February 14 edition of the Iran Media Review explores media coverage of a panel of opposition figures, revealing the Iranian regime’s fears over its rivals unifying.
Analysts Divided on Raisi’s Planned Visit to Beijing: Does China Prefer Saudi Arabia to Iran?

The February 17 edition of the Iran Media Review assesses Iranian commentary on the significance of President Ebrahim Raisi’s upcoming visit to Beijing.
IRGC Analyst on the Track Record of the Revolution

The February 21 edition of the Iran Media Review examines an article in an IRGC weekly about the Islamic Revolution’s failures and shortcomings.
Past Event
Iranian Protests and Tehran’s Regional Role

On February 14, AGSIW hosted a discussion with Ali Alfoneh, Mohammed Al Sulami, and Sanam Vakil, moderated by Ambassador William Roebuck, on Iran's regional relationships amid ongoing protests.
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