Petro Diplomacy 2021: Gulf Countries in a Net-Zero World
View of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, south of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, March 19, 2018. (REUTERS/Satish Kumar)


Tuesday October 19

Keynote Address


Session 1: NOCs vs IOCs, Changing Dynamic as Net-Zero Ambitions Multiply


    Michael Cohen

    Chief U.S. Economist and Head of Oil and Refining, BP

    Valérie Marcel

    Associate Fellow, Environment and Society Programme, Chatham House

    Adam Sieminski

    Senior Adviser, Board of Trustees, King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center

    Kate Dourian

    Non-Resident Fellow, AGSIW; Contributing Editor, MEES; Fellow, Energy Institute

Wednesday October 20

Session 2: The Role of Gas and Renewable Power Generation in a Carbon-Constricted World


    Anne-Sophie Corbeau

    Global Research Scholar, Center on Global Energy Policy, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University

    Jim Krane

    Wallace S. Wilson Fellow for Energy Studies, Baker Institute for Public Policy, Rice University

    Nikos Tsafos

    James R. Schlesinger Chair for Energy and Geopolitics, Center for Strategic and International Studies

    Robin Mills

    Non-Resident Fellow, AGSIW; CEO, Qamar Energy

Thursday October 21

Session 3: Geopolitics and the Future of the OPEC+ Alliance


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